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Kemira and Terra Environmental Technologies Inc. signed license agreement of Kemira’s Denoxium

Kemira Oyj and Terra Environmental Technologies Inc., a Terra Industries Inc. company, have signed a license agreement of Kemira’s selective catalytic reduction agent Denoxium®. Denoxium is a Kemira developed frost-proof product for reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides by diesel engines. Kemira has granted to Terra Environmental Technologies certain exclusive rights to Kemira’s Denoxium and technology in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Terra will market Denoxium under its own brand TerraCairTM. Terra Industries Inc. is a leading international producer of nitrogen products.

International development efforts and applications in the field of exhaust gas catalyzers have so far been focused on solutions in which the reduction of exhaust gas is based on SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and a dilute urea solution. Nitrogen oxides are reduced into harmless nitrogen gas by spraying the urea solution into the vehicle’s exhaust gas system. However, this solution has one weakness in practical use – it freezes when the temperature drops far enough.

Denoxium – a mixture of urea and ammonium formate- is a SCR reductant that is compatible and interchangeable with urea based SCR reductant. Denoxium has clear advantages in low and high temperatures: its freezing point is as low as -30 C and will not need any heating systems in the vehicle, during transport or storage at temperatures above -30 C. Denoxium has increased reduction efficiency at low operating temperatures, and also high heat stability at high storage temperatures.

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Kemira Oyj, Kemira Specialty
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Terra Environmental Technologies
Barry Lonsdale, President
+1 519 474-7446

Kemira will be a focused company, the best in water and fiber management chemistry.

In 2007, Kemira recorded revenue of approximately EUR 2.8 billion and had a staff of 10,000. Kemira operates in 40 countries.