Kemira Blankophor® FWA products to include Fennocide™ biocide

Kemira Blankophor® fluorescent whitening agent (FWA) product formula containing small quantities of preserving biocide will be changed. From January 2010 onwards Blankophor urea- and carrier-free product formulations will be manufactured with Kemira Fennocide™ BZ 26 D biocide. This will replace currently used biocides which have been sourced externally due to different regional requirements.

“Kemira has broad in-house biocide knowledge, thus, the decision to change the formula to contain Fennocide BZ 26 D was very welcome”, says Christiane Sloan, Product Line Manager FWA. “We are one of the key pulp and paper industry chemical suppliers specializing in water-intensive processes and our product portfolio covers a wide range of biocides which are specifically designed to kill and inhibit the growth of troublesome microbes typically found in paper manufacturing conditions”, she continues.

Prior to the biocides change extensive tests and long-term trials have been carried out to ensure that this does not have any impact on Blankophor product quality, effectiveness or specification. The new formulations can be mixed without concerns with existing inventories of the current formulations and are marketable world-wide. The change of the formulation to include the new biocide will be conducted with the new production start-up in 2010 after the annual maintenance break.

Papermakers are constantly trying to improve the whiteness and brightness of paper in a more economical way. Blankophor FWAs play an important role in achieving this goal and they are known for high quality with respect to performance, ecology and toxicology. To ensure consistent quality also over the storage period, urea- and carrier-free Blankophor products are preserved with low biocide amounts to prevent microbe growth.

For more information, please contact:

FWA: Christiane Sloan, Product Line Manager FWA
Mobile: +49 151 1677 6418, Email: christiane.sloan(at)

Biocides: Ken Keegan, Global Product Manager, Deposit and Microbe Control,
Mobile: +1 678 427 3332, Email: ken.keegan(at)