4/23/2007 - News


(Press Release)
The agreement between Kemira and Dalquim Industria e Comercio Ltda, Brazil has been confirmed. Kemira Water Solutions Brasil Ltda acquires the shares of two companies conducting the coagulant business of Dalquim Industria e Comercio Ltda.  Dalquim is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum based coagulants in the South of Brazil. The revenue of the coagulant business is approximately EUR 12 million.
The target companies are located in the south of Brazil and have two production units. Main customer base is the paper industry and municipalities for potable and wastewater treatment. The company will be targeting the fast expanding paper industry and potable and waste water treatment sector in the Southern states of Brazil.
The acquisition fits extremely well in Kemira’s strategy to enhance its position and mutual synergies as a world leader in chemicals supply for both pulp&paper and water treatment customers on fast growing emerging markets.
Kemira Water is already present with production in the Bahia region (North East of Brazil) and in the Sao Paulo state. With this acquisition Kemira will significantly broaden its current product portfolio in Brazil and gain strong geographical presence in the southern Brazilian market.
Kemira Water is the world’s leading supplier of inorganic coagulants and ranks third in water treatment polymers. It offers customized water treatment and sludge treatment solutions to municipal and private water treatment plants and industry. In 2006, Kemira Water had revenue of EUR 468 million and a payroll of approximately 2 000 employees. It is present in 30 countries.
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Kemira is a chemicals group made up of four business areas: Kemira Pulp&Paper, Kemira Water, Kemira Specialty and Kemira Coatings. Kemira is a global group of leading chemical businesses with a unique competitive position and a high degree of mutual synergy.
In 2006, Kemira recorded revenue of around EUR 2.5 billion and had a payroll of 9,000 employees. Kemira operates in 40 countries.