A species with the footprint of a giant

Today, August 1st 2018, is the Earth Overshoot Day – the date when we have used more natural resources than our planet can regenerate in a year. At this rate, we’re using 1.7 times the Earth’s capacity. This can be turned around by making smart choices in policies and consumption, everyday.

A species with the footprint of a giant

Never has there been a species that roamed the Earth quite like the homo sapiens. Clever, compassionate, sociable and adaptable – but also insatiable for more, faster and fancier.

Due to e.g. our use of energy and consumption habits, population growth and urbanization as well as insufficient policy-making and enforcement, the ecological budget of our planet is in deficit.

What can we do to #movethedate?

Clean fresh water is perhaps one of the most undervalued resources we have – until you experience a shortage. And this experience is becoming more and more common: a quarter of world’s population now live in areas of chronical water stress. With the ongoing heatwave in Europe, the temptation to use water for pools, gardens and the like, to excess is big. It is easily accessible off the tap thanks to municipal water treatment facilities and safe and efficient chemical treatment. As individuals, we can think about our water-usage habits: do I need to water my garden every night and stand in the shower for several minutes?

Food consumption plays a big role, too. Do I buy more than I consume and is my food packaged for optimal shelf-life and safe use? Globally, some 30% of all produced food is currently wasted. Good food packaging ensures it can stay fresh and safe for long enough that we can enjoy every last bite. With wood fiber-based packaging board, chemistry plays a role in helping to extend shelf life, increase food safety, and reduce food waste.

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