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Award-winning phosphorus recovery

Watch this 20-minute on-demand webinar, to learn how innovative technology is positively impacting phosphorus recovery performance at a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Germany. If you’re looking to future-proof your phosphorus treatment operations and make the most out of existing resources in a responsible way, listen in.

Topics discussed:

How magnetic phosphorus recovery can generate various treatment process improvements:

  • Reliably meet the strictest phosphorus discharge limits
  • Reduce sludge volumes
  • Increase biogas production volumes and quality
  • Reduce electricity consumption in the aeration process


Outi Grönfors.

Outi Grönfors

Manager, Application development
Industry & Water, Kemira
Damien Cazalet.

Damien Cazalet

Deputy Head of Technical Department
Veolia Wasser Deutschland
Jan Wedel

Jan Wedel

Webinar host
Manager, Global Marketing Communications, Industry & Water

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