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Carbon footprint of different wastewater treatment plant configurations

Watch our webinar to hear the findings of a brand new study conducted by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. The study investigated three different wastewater treatment plant configurations – pre-precipitation, simultaneous precipitation, and biological phosphorus removal – to understand the differences in environmental efficiency in terms of carbon footprint, energy balance, and impact of stricter effluent limits.


Bengt Hansen

Manager, Applications Development, Industry & Water, Kemira
Helsingborg, Sweden

Magnus Rahmberg

Group Manager, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

Kemira, as well as other members of the European Inorganic Coagulants Producers Association, INCOPA, has contributed to the study. Watch the on-demand webinar to hear the IVL and Kemira experts share the findings and discuss the implications. You can also submit your questions to the webinar hosts.

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