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Digitalization for sustainable water

In this  webinar you will hear real-life municipal case studies for different wastewater treatment applications and the impact of digital optimization on process efficiency and environmental performance. If you’re looking to future-proof your water treatment operations and make the most out of existing resources in a responsible way, this session is for you.

Topics discussed

How to improve your wastewater treatment plant´s energy balance and carbon footprint, while reliably meeting the strictest discharge limits:

  • Reduce aeration energy consumption, increase biogas yield and optimize chemical consumption with advanced chemical pre-treatment. Case: Joensuu, Finland.
  • Increase sludge dryness and reduce operational costs with enhanced sludge dewatering.
    Case: Arnhem zuid, The Netherlands.
  • Reliably remove phosphorus, achieve lower discharge levels and optimize chemical dosing with automated phosphorus treatment. Case: Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Efficiently disinfect your wastewater for safe water with no disinfection by-products. Case: Gruppo Veritas, Italy.


Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur

Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur

Senior Manager, Renewable Chemistry at Kemira with 20+ years of industry experience
Jesper Berner

Jesper Berner

Senior Manager, Advanced Water Treatment at Kemira with 30+ years of industry experience
Jan Wedel

Jan Wedel

Webinar host
Manager, Global Marketing Communications, Industry & Water

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