Embracing circularity in water treatment

Water treatment operations can set a prime example of circular economy in action, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 for responsible consumption and production. What has traditionally been considered as waste – sewage water and sludge – carry great potential for value capture for instance in terms of nutrients and energy. Join this webinar to hear some examples of how to enhance the circularity performance of your water treatment operations, backed by science.
A farmer walking on the wet field.


Leon Korving.

Leon Korving

Theme Coordinator, Phosphate Recovery, Wetsus

Bengt Hansen

Manager, Applications Development, Industry & Water, Kemira
Helsingborg, Sweden

In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Kemira is hosting a series of webinars discussing the optimization of sustainability performance in water treatment. This first webinar of the series drills into the topic of circularity, recycling and waste-to-value as well as the responsible production and use of chemicals. Topics featured will include:

  • Wastewater treatment plants’ role in nutrient recovery, particularly in terms of phosphorus
  • Making the most out of sludge as a resource
  • The role of coagulants in circular economy, both in terms of production footprint and end-use handprint
  • Optimizing processes and chemical consumption with latest digital technologies

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