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Future of food packaging: Four scenarios for 2030

How will food consumption and food packaging look like in 2030? Will food and packaging trends be driven by fragmented consumer demands or will the entire industry be highly regulated? Will consumers prefer specialized niche stores or have everything ordered and delivered? Or will the need for food packaging dramatically decrease due to the rise of package-free shops and reusable packaging?

Several megatrends are impacting the ways we consume and package food. The packaging industry has an important role to play in shaping the future of food, and as part of the fiber-based packaging value chain, we wanted to investigate what food and its packaging could look like in ten years’ time.

We reached out to the industry experts, researchers, and key stakeholders: paper and board manufacturers, packaging converters, brand owners, and regulatory experts. The four future scenarios that resulted discuss consumer attitudes and behavior, packaging trends, recycling, and regulation, and provide plausible alternatives for what food consumption and food packaging could look like in 2030.

(This report was originally published in March 2020)

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The future of food packaging a decade down the line remains unwritten. It will be a story that the entire industry creates together. This scenario report is an invitation to participate in open, transparent collaboration across the fiber-based packaging value chain. We hope these “what if” stories give food for thought for discussion between stakeholders and encourage new, innovative ways of thinking.

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Future of food packaging – Four scenarios

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Food packaging 2030 – Opportunities in the value chain

Watch our webinar for insights on how food is purchased, packaged, and consumed in a ten years’ time. You’ll learn about four possible scenarios for the future and find out what each of them would mean for the brand owners and the food packaging value chain, if they became a reality.
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