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Water management 2040 – future scenarios

What will the future of water management look like? Download the “Water management 2040 – future scenarios” report to find out what kinds of different scenarios our expert panel was able to envision.

How will the post-COVID societies recover? Will citizens become more aware and activate around clean water topics? Will conflicts erupt because of water scarcity? Will megacities and global corporations take a more prominent role – also in water provision? How does digitalization impact the clean water value chain? What about regulation?

To understand what the future of water management might hold, we invited an influential panel of water sector experts to discuss different challenges, opportunities and possible paths ahead.

The “what if?” stories presented in the report can give food for thought for strategic discussions, inspire cooperation, technology development, and encourage new and innovative ways of thinking. First and foremost, we hope that the scenarios act as discussion starters and thought provokers.

The decisions we make today about water access, quality, solutions for water treatment and water reuse impact the future living conditions of communities around the world. What will actually happen? No one knows. But it’s important to consider the possibilities.

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The future of water

Join our 45-minute webinar “The future of water: plenty or peril?” to learn how global trends can impact the future of water and what challenges and opportunities might we face.

Big thanks to our expert panel

Amanda Lake
Water Process Lead Europe

Andrea Gysin
Head of Research
Development & Innovation
Thames Water

Dr. Anna Mikola
Professor of Practice
Aalto University

Dr. Caroline Whalley
Water Industries and Pollution
European Environment Agency

Dr. Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy
Executive Director
International Water Association

Gan Cheng
Senior Manager
Application and Marketing
Industry & Water APAC

Dr. Glen Daigger
Professor of Engineering Practice
University of Michigan

Jean-Christophe Ades
Senior Manager Marketing
Industry & Water EMEA

Dr. Johan Ljungberg
Chief Environmental Analyst
Nordic Investment Bank

Dr. Jurg Keller
Emeritus professor
Advanced Water Management
Centre University of Queensland

Kate Guest
Drinking Water Treatment
Philadelphia Water Department

Leon Korving
Scientific Project Manager

Dr. Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia
Water Europe
WG Leader “Water & Energy”
KWR Water Research Institute

Michael Cavallero
Vice President
Industry & Water Americas

Dr. Olli Varis
Distinguished Professor
Aalto University

Dr. Paul O’Callaghan
Founder & CEO
BlueTech Research

Samantha Yates
Principal (Global Strategy)

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