Survey: What people think about water

There’s no doubt water is vitally important. Yet, most people don’t think about it much. Or do they? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn what our public survey revealed about sentiments related to this precious resource.
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Samantha Yates.

Samantha Yates

Principal (Global Strategy), Aither
Aither specializes in water policy, water markets, infrastructure, and natural hazards
Monika Epenstein.

Monika Epenstein

Manager, Global Communications & Stakeholder Relations, Kemira

Earlier this year, we polled nearly 8,000 people from five European countries and seven US states*. We wanted to understand people’s attitudes and concerns related to water. Do people know where their tap water comes from, or where it goes after they use it? Do they trust their water at home? Who do they think is responsible for water? Are they concerned about climate change?

A few common themes emerged, but there were also significant differences. One of the key findings was that many people are ignorant about how much work goes into producing the water they take for granted. We want to increase this awareness and to encourage public discussion on the value of water. Taxpayers and policymakers make critical choices that impact the quality and quantity of water for years to come.

Watch our 45-minute on-demand webinar as our experts discuss the survey findings, as well as current and future water-related challenges and how to best address them.

* Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain and the UK, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin

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