Sustainable dry strength solutions for paper and board

Join our experts to gain insights into new and developing biobased technologies for improving strength in fiber-based packaging materials.

Dry strength chemistries play a key role in the effective and sustainable production of fiber-based packaging materials – enabling raw material efficiency and energy savings and reducing the consumption of fiber, water, and chemicals. In this webinar, our experts introduce novel biobased dry strength solutions that further boost sustainability by design, while economically improving the performance of the end-product.

Watch the 45-minute webinar discussion to gain insights into sustainable dry strength solutions for paper and board manufacturing.

You will learn about

  • dry strength additives’ role in enabling sustainable paper and board manufacturing
  • Kemira’s new biobased strength concept, EcoBond, and how it enables high strength performance and lightweighting of board
  • The unique ECA technology (Engineered Cellulose Additive) that enhances paper strength and machine runnability even in demanding conditions
  • the development of non-wood microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and synthetic fibrids as renewable strength enhancers
  • the importance of effective strength solutions in making the most out of new sustainable technologies in the production of fiber-based packaging materials

Also the Q&A session is included in the recording.


Jan-Luiken Hemmes

Sr. Manager, Strength
Pulp & Paper, Business Development, Kemira (Germany)

Jonas Konn

Principal Scientist, Fiber and Bioeconomy
R&D and Technology, Kemira (Finland)

Peter Jelinek

Principal Specialist, Paper & Tissue Excellence
Pulp & Paper Applications, Kemira (United States)

Riikka Tietäväinen-Arola

Webinar host
Customer Communications, Kemira

You should watch this webinar if you want to hear about new and developing sustainable technologies for dry strength applications in paper and board manufacturing.