Total Chemistry Management for every phase of your paper machine’s lifecycle

Interested in learning how to reach salable paper in only 3 days after paper machine start-up? Want to know how to save 20-25% of your paper mill water treatment costs? If yes, this is a webinar for you.
Two workers standing in the front of paper machine rolls.

Successful start-ups and machine conversions require a combination of expertise in chemistry and deep knowledge of the mill’s processes. Kemira Total Chemistry Management (TCM) is a partnership program which ensures smooth, successful start-ups and conversions, and enables continuous performance optimization of your paper or board machines. With TCM we can take care of all your chemistry requirements and supply everything your mill needs, from products to know-how and smart process management.

In this 40-minute webinar recording our experts share insights and cases on how to start-up or convert your machine with minimum issues and maximum efficiency. You will learn how TCM helps you to improve your operational efficiency, sharpen your competitive edge, and reduce your costs.

To learn more about Kemira TCM, visit Kemira – Total Chemistry Management.

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