Turning the tide on wastewater

How much water do you think you consume per day? For the average person in Finland and China it’s around 150 liters and 178 liters respectively whereas in the US it is as much as 330 liters per day. Water is clearly a significant part of our everyday lives and with only less than 1% of Earth’s water being readily available freshwater, maintaining it is vital.

Turning the tide on wastewater

At Kemira, we use chemistry to help improve our customers’ product quality, processes and resource efficiency. A significant part of this is linked to water use by municipalities and water intensive industries. These customers use our products and solutions to not only treat water to meet quality standards, but also to reduce pressure on water resources by recycling and reusing it. This means that more and better quality water is available for future uses.

Some of Kemira’s  products are directly used for cleaning impurities from water. With these products, our customers have the potential to clean considerable amounts of wastewater.

In 2019, our products made it possible for our customers to treat around 21.1 billion m3 of water, roughly equaling to the annual consumption of 372 million people.

All the water that Kemira is helping to clean can either be recycled and reused by customers in their processes or returned safely back into the environment. This does not only help save water, but also makes more safe and clean water available. These actions are an important step towards ensuring that there is enough good quality water available now and in the future – for people and our environment.

Kemira’s values are closely tied to the wellbeing of people and environment. Safe and clean water is critical to our societies so that basic needs of people and industries are met and we can enjoy the lives we aspire to. At the same time, a safe and clean environment to support biodiversity is a key part of that.


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