Water Handbook 2020 out now!

Get your free PDF copy now – the ABC of water treatment. We have updated and republished our esteemed and much used guide to celebrate our centennial anniversary. It is the ultimate water treatment reference book for students, water treatment professionals, researchers and other partners. Download your free PDF version of the guide below.

Water Handbook 2020 out now!

Kemira’s Water Handbook describes the methods and processes that are used today for treating potable water and wastewater, not forgetting new smart process management options, enabled by digitalization. It also discusses sludge and the ways in which it is handled.

The book has been created by water treatment professionals across our global organization, with extensive application and chemistry know-how. As the leading water treatment chemistry experts, we want to support the industry with the best available information and to allow water to continue its cycle sustainably for generations to come.


Future-proofing water treatment with digital technologies

At Kemira, we believe that a world with enough safe water for everyone is possible, and that we can do it sustainably. Municipal water treatment facilities can meet current demand and get ready for the low-carbon future with our water treatment solutions, incorporating latest digital technologies for smart process management.

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