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Better decisions in the paper mill control room

The disturbances that impact the papermaking process come from various sources, emerging quickly or building up unnoticed over days or weeks. Process stability is the key to overall production efficiency and to energy and raw material savings, but managing the complex, multivariable process every minute of every day can seem like a mission impossible.

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear
  • Why process stability is the key to efficiency and why it is so difficult to achieve in the papermaking process
  • What makes KemConnect™ Harmonizer different from other process analytics solutions and how it helps operators and engineers to discover and mitigate process deviations at the paper mill
  • Case examples of discovered runnability changes, challenges with chemistry dosage, and impacts on energy and raw material efficiencies
  • Q&A at the end of the presentation

You’ll learn how the unique combination of automated machine learning, chemistry and process expertise, and data creates the needed visibility in the papermaking process. We’ll introduce KemConnect ™ Harmonizer, our digital service for papermakers, and show you how it enables the right decisions at the right time in the paper mill control room.


Portrait of Mari Zabihian

Mari Zabihian

Senior Manager, Digital Services

Markus Jääskeläinen

Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder
Riikka Tietäväinen-Arola.

Riikka Tietäväinen-Arola

Webinar host, Strategic Marketing Manager

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