Persons holding pastries in paper and board packages, featuring Kemira's barrier chemistry.
on-demand webinar

Dispersion barriers for recyclable packaging

In this webinar, we’ll introduce our new dispersion barrier that helps reduce and replace plastic in food service paper and board and enables renewable, recyclable, and repulpable fiber-based food packaging.


Sami Puttonen.

Sami Puttonen

Sr. Manager, Global Sizing and Surface Business Development
Brad Crase.

Brad Crase

Corporate Account Manager, Pulp & Paper
Tiina Hyytinen.

Tiina Hyytinen

Manager, Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs
Riikka Tietäväinen-Arola.

Riikka Tietäväinen-Arola

Webinar host, Strategic Marketing Manager

This year, Kemira is hosting a series of webinars discussing the anatomy of sustainable packaging. In the second webinar of the series, we’ll discuss reducing and replacing plastics in food service paper and board and introduce our new barrier chemistry for fiber-based food packaging that meets the consumer demands.

Our experts will share their insights into the latest developments in the packaging materials market and give you an update on the current regulatory situation and plastic discussion. We’ll also go over the increasingly important role that barrier solutions have in the food packaging value chain.

You’ll learn about Kemira’s new barrier chemistry that enables fully recyclable and repulpable paper and board packaging. FennoGuard GO is a novel water-based dispersion barrier coating that helps replace problematic extrusion polymers and fluorochemicals in food service board and wrapping papers.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more! This 45-minute webinar covers:

  •  the latest discussion around packaging materials and sustainability in packaging
  •  an overview of the current regulatory situation impacting the value chain
  •  the steps for creating a fully optimized barrier performance in food packaging
  • an introduction to our new dispersion barrier coating technology for recyclable packaging
  • Q&A session (recording from the live webinar)

You should attend this webinar if you are interested in the recyclability of fiber-based food packaging and want to learn about the new dispersion barrier coating that helps reduce and replace plastics in food service board and paper.