What drives satisfaction within customers of the chemical sector?

What are the ingredients of satisfaction and loyalty within the customers of the chemical sector? What matters to our customers and what are the pain points to be fixed? We have investigated this over several years.

What drives satisfaction within customers of the chemical sector?

Every business has its particularities. What contributes to customer satisfaction in insurance, retail sales, or banking can be rather different than in the water-intensive process industries that utilize chemical technology to improve customers’ product quality, resource efficiency and sustainability.

The average Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the chemical industry is 32, on a range of -100 to +100. The NPS score is a globally used metric to measure customers’ willingness to recommend a supplier. Kemira has been consistently measuring customer satisfaction over several years, with an average NPS score slightly above the industry average.

Some 70% of our customers promote Kemira for the good quality and performance of our products.

There are several factors that contribute to customer satisfaction. Kemira customers compliment their local sales reps for their reliability, service attitude and understanding of customer needs. Other key factors impacting satisfaction include proactivity, the quality and availability of technical service, and the overall ease of doing business with the company.

One key factor we have identified as a development item for us is proactivity. This means offering unprompted contact to our customers, and actively recommending products and solutions that could improve the business and prevent issues or challenges.

Another development item is the ability to offer new solutions, which may be seen as an element of technical service. We can be also more active in sharing information about our on-going R&D efforts. Another factor is ensuring our field sales reps are well-equipped to present new concepts and developments.

Overall, 81% of our customers consider Kemira to offer excellent
technical service.

On the same token, it is important for buyers to understand that going the extra mile with service also costs the suppliers time and effort. If the expectation is to get a high level of expert service in addition to the lowest cost / price on the market, perhaps a little calibration is required there too.

Feedback from our customers is extremely valuable. Especially the customers’ open comments offer priceless insight into what the experience of working with us is like. Each feedback is flagged to the responsible sales rep and development items are discussed throughout the organization. Thank you for letting us hear your voice!

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