Oilfield chemical solutions

With the help of our innovative oilfield chemicals, services and application expertise, our customers in the oil & gas industry can improve resource efficiency, increase production and utilize existing hydrocarbon resources to the max.

We develop chemical solutions for

  • Stimulation
  • Chemical EOR
  • Oil sands
  • Production
  • Drilling

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Natural gas pipes


Understanding how reservoir and fluid variability impacts the success of a frac job and well productivity is critical. At Kemira, we develop high-performing polymeric friction reducers that provide economic, environmental and operational benefits to our hydraulic fracturing customers.

Our global R&D and application labs provide customer-specific support, enabling us to develop and evaluate the performance of our products in your brines, providing indicative data prior to field implementation.

With strategically located manufacturing, combined with rail transloading, in-basin storage and last mile delivery in all major basins in North America, we are able to get our products to our customers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Offshore production platform

Chemical EOR

Chemical EOR operations are designed to extract a higher percentage of recoverable resources and extend the life of an asset. Whether you need chemicals, equipment, or services, Kemira cEOR solutions are tailored to your choice and convenience.

As a leading manufacturer of premium polyacrylamide polymers, we understand how critical the choice of chemicals is to the overall success of an oil recovery operation. Our strong R&D capabilities ensure that the appropriate polymer properties are captured for optimal injectivity and sweep efficiency, considering the operating environment and reservoir conditions.

By combining our high-quality chemicals with equipment and expertise, you get the flexibility and maximum efficiency that your operations need.

Oil sands tailings pond

Oil sands

The extraction of viscous bitumen involves water-intensive processes where maximum efficiency is required. Our holistic approach to oil sands tailings management combines innovative chemistries with polymer hydration and injection equipment and technical field services to offer a total chemical management solution.

We collaborate with our customers to identify new approaches to improve tailings treatment efficiency. We provide solutions to maintain the high throughput of fluid fine tailings treatment and to meet the regulatory requirements set by AER Directive 085.

Our chemical packages are tailored for the specific mixing and dewatering mechanisms of each treatment process to improve the quantity and quality of released water.

Offshore production platform


Maintaining production and improving operating profitability relies on effective chemical solutions.

Our global expertise in water intensive industries enables us to develop unique chemical solutions to address production optimization, flow assurance and asset integrity challenges.

Our novel detectable scale inhibitor technologies enable you to make informed treatment decisions to extend the life of your well and minimize operating costs.

With our application expertise and broad product portfolio for water treatment, we can help you treat produced water for reuse or disposal to meet operational and environmental targets.

Drilling rig


Drilling mud composition directly contributes to the condition and life of an oil or gas well. The ability of the fluid to cool and lubricate the bit, remove drill cuttings to the surface, control bottom hole pressure and prevent formation damage is a function of the mud composition.

Our additives for oil and water-based muds are designed to complement and enhance the performance of our customers’ mud systems, enabling minimum non-production time and improved well performance. Our product portfolio contains polymers designed for a wide range of reservoir and operating conditions.

Using our application knowledge and regional in-house testing facilities, we can evaluate the products in your mud system to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.

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