Aluminum sulfate

Kemira’s Dry Aluminum Sulfates are available both as granulated (KEMIRA ALG) as well as crushed materials (KEMIRA ALK, ALC). The products are based on trivalent Al (Al3+) and are manufactured to low iron (“iron-free”) content. The products are easy-to-dissolve into solution, with aluminum sulfate especially suited for drinking water and paper sizing.

Kemira Aluminum Sulfate solution (KEMIRA ALS) iron-free aluminum sulfate in solution (48%) is a coagulant for water treatment based on trivalent (Al3+) aluminum compounds. It can be used for water and wastewater clarification, papermaking, and many other industrial applications. Aluminum Sulfate solutions can also be made available with smaller amounts of iron in the formulation (KEMIRA AVL).

Kemira Dry Ferric Aluminum Sulfate is a granulated (KEMIRA AVR), easy-to-dissolve coagulant, that can be used for most wastewater treatment processes. It is based on active trivalent aluminum and iron compounds.

Key features & benefits

  • Excellent in drinking water applications
  • Wide range of delivery forms and quality grades

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