Antiscalants and dispersants

​The broad Kemira antiscalant and dispersant range includes high performance polymers and tailor-made formulations to combat a wide variety of scaling and fouling problems in municipal and industrial operations.

Membrane and thermal desalination

The KemGuard® range includes high performance polymers, phosphonates and specialised blends to tackle multiple scales found in thermal and membrane desalination systems, whereas the KemEguard® range offers phosphorus-free biodegradable scale and deposit control solution for desalination systems.
KemGuard desalination antiscalants comply with many international and local regulatory requirements for potable water treatment and are compatible with membranes and other system components in a specified application range.

Municipal waste water treatment

Formation of mineral scales is a common problem in sewage and waste water treatment  facilities,  especially in  anaerobic digesters, dewatering trains and areas of turbulence. KemGuard® offers proprietary sulphonated copolymer chemistry and specialised formulations for control of struvite, vivianite, calcite, hydroxylapatite and other common scales in sewage and waste water treatment plants.
These products have proven performance and wide acceptance in industry for municipal and waste water treatment scale control, thereby ensuring stable and economic system operation.

Industrial Cooling & Heating application

KemGuard® product line includes a comprehensive portfolio of low molecular weight homopolymers, copolymers and terpolymers, covering a wide range of molecular weight, pH, chemistry and functionality, that are effectively used in cooling tower and boiler water treatment formulations. Kemira antiscalant technology also includes specialised formulations based on multicomponent blends to combat scaling, corrosion and fouling problems. The result is improved economy, better energy and water efficiency, longer equipment life and stable system operation.
Many of these products conform to FDA regulation 21 CFR 173.310 for boiler water treatment. The products may also comply with other food-related regulatory requirements.

Sugar Evaporators

KemTalo range of antiscalants are specifically developed to control scales like calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, calcium oxalate, phosphates and silicates commonly found in multi effect evaporators in beet and cane sugar mills.

Detergent and Cleaning

KemGuard range of homo-, co- and ter-polymers also have found wide acceptance in detergent and cleaning formulations owing to their better eco-toxicological properties and effectiveness. They work well under all cleaning and washing conditions, including high hardness, high alkalinity, varying temperature etc. Some of these products are also available in solid grade.
Kemira also offers antiscalants with excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability, suited to control formation of deposit and fouling in geothermal fluids and other high temperature process applications.

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