Biocides for Mining

Our AMA Biocides are tailored to meet each specific customer need and include both short– and long–term preservatives. We not only focus on the chemistry, but also on developing predictive monitoring technologies that assist our customers in optimizing their process in real time.

Our LumiKem™ Pigment monitoring system utilizes Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) as an indication of biological activity in high–solid slurries and coatings. By utilizing the LumiKem pigment monitoring system, the customer can proactively make critical changes to the biocide program, thus preventing any potential spoilage issues. Typical monitoring technologies can provide the customer with information within three days whereas the Kemira LumiKem system can provide feedback in 5–10 minutes. By focusing on providing our customers with world–class technical support, unique biocide chemistries and novel monitoring technology, Kemira has positioned itself as a global leader in microbiological preservation.

A customized microbial control program can be designed together with the pigment slurry producer by selecting the right biocide combinations for the application. We offer a wide range of biocide actives while using our applications expertise to maximize value to our customers.

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