Chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is widely used in modern chemical pulp bleaching. It is produced from sodium chlorate, typically on-site at the pulp mill. Kemira is able to provide custom-tailored design alternatives for chlorine dioxide supply, offering our customers the ideal configuration.

Chlorine dioxide is the most widely-accepted bleaching agent used in the environmentally-preferred ECF chemical pulp bleaching process. It functions via oxidative reactions thus virtually eliminating the formation of chlorinated organic compounds. Chlorine dioxide attacks the aromatic ring of the lignin, but does not react with carbohydrates thus preserving pulp yield and giving superior pulp strength compared to other oxidants.

An integrated process is used featuring on-site sodium chlorate production at Kemira’s Kuusankoski and Fray Bentos sites. The product is delivered by pipeline to the nearby pulp mill efficiently and just-in time.

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