Rapid and safe disinfection without toxic by-products

Kemira DesinFix is the ultimate technology in waste water disinfection. It is based on a mixture of formic acid and hydrogen peroxide and when accurately mixed, these two components form highly efficient biocide DEX-135 that has performic acid as the active substance. Performic acid decomposes to form hydroxyl radicals that kill the bacteria.
It takes only a few minutes to disinfect the water, and within an hour after dosing the active substance can no longer be detected. DEX-135 breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, and leaves no toxic disinfection byproducts.

Automated mixing unit and minimal maintenance

The disinfectant DEX-135 cannot be stored or transported and is therefore produced on-site in a standardized mixing unit supplied by Kemira. A typical installation consists of two storage tanks for the chemicals, two transfer pumps and a fully automated mixing unit. All come with minimal maintenance requirements.

Full package for your convenience

Kemira DesinFix technology includes all the required chemicals and equipment necessary to feed the chemicals, as well as handling of all installation and commissioning services. This is, of course, backed up by maintenance and technical support. To ensure efficient and safe operation we also provide full operator training.

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