Distilled peracetic acid (dPAA)

Our distilled peracetic acid (dPAA) is used as a delignifying and brightening agent in the production of environmentally friendly TCF and ECF pulps. dPAA is an excellent product for post-bleaching of pulps.
High and consistent pulp brightness of the pulp, with good stability, can be achieved via post-bleaching using dPAA in storage towers of bleached pulp. Post-bleaching is an outstanding tool for producing a fiber quality that meets downstream needs. Mills previously having problems with brightness variation, reaching brightness targets, post-bleach yellowing, and cleanliness of pulp or paper have successfully applied it.
Additionally, a reduction in consumption of optical brighteners and biocides can be obtained with improved retention of wet end chemicals. The overall costs in the pulp and papermaking process will be reduced with the help of dPAA post-bleaching.

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