Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is both a strong oxidizing agent and a reducing agent. The main use is in the bleaching of chemical, mechanical and recycled pulp. It is also used in gold and uranium mining, as well as in various applications in the chemical industry. Kemira is one of the major producers of hydrogen peroxide in the world.

Chemical Pulp

In chemical pulp bleaching, peroxide has found a strong position in alkaline stages. In the bleaching plant, hydrogen peroxide and distilled peracetic acid (dPAA) are excellent alternatives for delignification and bleaching, for example, when generation of chlorine dioxide causes a bottleneck in the process or because of environmental reasons. Hydrogen peroxide and dPAA can be used in the production of TCF and ECF pulps. In delignification and bleaching peracetic acid (PAA) can also be used simultaneously with chlorine dioxide as a combined stage.

Mechanical Pulp

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as a bleaching agent for different mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulps. Through the use of hydrogen peroxide it is possible to achieve a wide range of brightness suitable for high grade magazine papers, board and tissue products.
The bleaching line has one or two stages depending on the desired increase in brightness. However, in the simplest processes pulp can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide in refiners. In the production of chemi-mechanical pulps hydrogen peroxide can be used as an alternative to sulphonation of lignin, to achieve increased pulp and paper strength.

Recycled Fiber

When you want to increase brightness ceiling, decrease brightness variation and avoid yellowing of the final pulp, we recommend hydrogen peroxide for use in the actual deinking process or in a separate bleaching stage. Kemira has wide experience in the use of hydrogen peroxide in bleaching applications.

Chemical Industry

Hydrogen peroxide is used in the chemical industry as an oxidizing agent in reactions such as oil epoxidization. It is also used in a wide range of environmental applications such as wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment and soil remediation.

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