KemBorino is an alkaline aqueous solution of sodium borohydride that is used to generate sodium dithionite for the bleaching of mechanical pulp. The solution offers an easy and economical way to produce dithionite, which is typically made by mixing KemBorino, caustic soda, sulfur dioxide and water. KemBorino can also be used together with sodium bisulphite instead of sulfur dioxide.

Kemira can supply the dithionite generation unit and provide technical service.

KemBorino bleaching is a reductive technology, which can be used both in pulp brightening and color stripping of deinked pulp. The reaction is based on the combination of sodium bisulphite and KemBorino.
KemBorino is an aqueous solution with 12% sodium borohydride and  40% sodium hydroxide.​

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