KemFlite – efficient control of hydrophobic substances in papermaking processes

Paper mill process waters include a complex mixture of organic and inorganic species. To maintain wet-end stability, it is extremely important to control hydrophobic substances and their particle size. Increased particle size eventually leads to agglomeration which can quickly cause problems like deposition on paper machine wires, felts and dryer cans, as well as paper defects like holes, spots, specks and hickeys. Kemira’s KemFlite concept has been developed to tackle the unwanted agglomeration of hydrophobic substances in different parts of the papermaking process.

KemFlite concept combines our deep understanding of customers’ processes, our broad deposit control product portfolio and our novel monitoring tools like Kemira Flyto and Kemira AutoFlite. In order to design an efficient deposit control program, Kemira experts first investigate the key points in the process, like mechanical pulp bleaching, wash press operations, broke circulation and recycled fiber processing. This is followed by careful selection of the correct deposit control program, implementation on the machine, and thorough follow-up using monitoring tools like Kemira Flyto and Kemira AutoFlite.

Kemira AutoFlite – keeping particles under control

In addition to lab measurements such as Kemira Flyto, Kemira has also continued to innovate in the area of hydrophobic particle measurement and developed a new online measurement method. Kemira AutoFlite is a novel on-line monitoring tool which can be used for monitoring hydrophobic load and agglomeration risk of different process waters such as broke filtrate or paper machine white water. AutoFlite units have been successfully installed on paper and board machines producing printing and writing grades (coated fine paper, SC-paper, LWC-paper) and board (test liner). AutoFlite measurement signal – called colloidal index – can even be used for controlling fixative dosage.

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