A wet end concept to suit all your needs

The three new Kemira KemForm retention concepts incorporate Kemira’s core technologies of experience, product portfolio and application tools into one. This allows Kemira to tailor make a concept to suit all papermaking needs from a wet end management point of view. The revolutionary wet end management concept leads to improved wet end stability and chemical efficiencies. This in turn gives better cost efficiencies.
These improvements have been observed across all grades. The multi-component concepts are comprised of FennoPol (cationic polyacrylamides), FennoSil (anionic micro or linear polymeracrylamide), FennoLite (bentonite)  and FennoSil (silica sol) technologies. This together with the application technology and Kemira’s vast experience.

Competitive advantage

The KemForm retention concept is an all-in-one solution that allows paper and board makers to take full control of their wet end. The advantages include selective retention control of the fibre and filler. The technology enables increasing ash content in final paper by 2-3 percentage points, allowing savings in fiber costs. KemForm also helps to boost machine speed through improved drainage by as much as 10 % which improves return on investment. Along with profitability, the system offers environmental benefits as the micropolymer technology is VOC-free.

Custom retention and drainage program

There are three types of KemForm concepts. These are coupled with FennoJet (a chemical injection technology), Monitrol (online retention monitor) and KemConnect.
  • KemForm Prime: based on Kemira’s in-house polyacrylamide technology FennoPol with the a coagulant, FennoFix, being optional. Total retention and cost efficiency are the main driving forces here.
  • KemForm Select: based on Kemira’s FennoSil and FennoLite (silica sol and bentonite respectively) technology in conjuction with a FennoPol. A coagulant, FennoFix, is optional. Drainage and drainage control is the key with this system.
  • KemForm Plus: based around Kemira’s in-house micro polymer, FennoSil, technology. This can be used on it’s own or in combination with FennoPol, FennoLite, FennoSil (silica sol). A coagulant,FennoFix, is optional. Higher sheet ash levels and improved formation drive this system.

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