Less starch. Stronger packaging board. Healthier environment.

During the packaging board-making process, recycled fiber raw material contains high level of secondary starch. Secondary starch normally on the machine becomes degraded, even before the material reaches the board machine.
Kemira has developed Kemira KemRevive™ concept for improving this starch reuse, and even increasing the strength in the final end packaging board product. This unique and innovative new approach and revolutionary new technology protects both fresh and recycled starch from degradation.
Using a two-step process, the speed of starch degradation is stalled significantly by using an amylase enzyme inhibitor and with an optimized retention system put in place to retain more of the preserved non-ionic starch. By optimizing the retention program with a dedicated polymers, the recycled starch is retained into fibers giving the extra strength and increasing the amount of starch with the same amount of raw fiber material.
With KemRevive we offer more value for your paperboard operation, enabling your business to improve material efficiency, save costs and increase production.

Key features & benefits

  • ​Increased production
  • Less new starch needed
  • Higher strength values/same strength with less raw materials
  • More efficient and sustainable raw material use
  • Lower COD in waste water

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