KemTalo is Kemira’s unique and specific product line for the sugar and bioethanol industry. It includes all relevant chemistries needed for various process steps.

Anionic powder flocculants

Anionic powder flocculants from Kemira are used for different separation processes within the sugar and bioethanol industry. Variations of molecular weight and charge make them suitable for different sugar processes like:
  • KemTalo Sep range – Juice clarification
  • KemTalo DuraSyrup clarification
  • KemTalo Flote range – Liquor clarification

Organic coagulants

Selected products from Kemira’s organic coagulant line, such as polyamines, polydadmacs and quaternary ammonium compounds, are used for decolorization within the sugar industry.  Because each process type demands special product performance, Kemira has designed tailor-made solutions:
  • KemTalo Floc range – Sugar liquor decolorization process in sugar phospho-flotation refineries
  • KemTalo Carb – Decolorization process for sugar beet and sugar cane carbonatation factories
  • KemTalo Mel range – Improved turbidity and color removal during the sugar cane syrup
    clarification process

Process Aids

One of Kemira’s competencies is the efficient support for your process optimization. Therefore we have created a selection of process aids, each perfectly adjusted to the relevant process step:
  • KemTalo Scale – Prevents scale formation in the evaporators of sugar cane and sugar beet mills
  • KemTalo ACI Range – Evaporators cleaning additives
  • KemTalo Zyme range – Breakdown of Dextran and Starch
  • KemTalo Surf PG – Reduces the massecuite viscosity


KemTalo Cide range includes different types of chemistries to control the microbiological growth within sugar cane and sugar beet mills.

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