Scale Inhibitors

Our KemGuard line of scale inhibitors includes specialty products designed to inhibit calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, and mixed scales under mild to severe conditions. They are highly effective crystal growth retarders and dispersants. As part of a consistent scale treatment program, our scale inhibitors can inhibit precipitation of insoluble alkaline earth metal salts, alter crystal morphology, disperse silt sludge and biological matter, stabilize calcium phosphate and provide iron transport.

Processing benefits with the use of our scale control agents can be realized in mining operations where conditions often create the perfect environment for scale formation. KemGuard scale inhibitors are recommended for use in heap leach systems, CIL or CIP circuits, filtration systems prone to scale formation, control of scale formation in activated carbon columns, prevention of evaporative scale on spray nozzles and sprinkler systems and numerous other problematic areas in mining processes.

Let us help you choose the right chemistry for your scale control needs.

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