Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is a strategic raw material in various industries and applications. The main users of sodium hydroxide globally are pulp and paper, alumina and chemical industry. In pulp and paper industry the product is used in pulp cooking.
Kemira has over 70 years of experience of producing and importing sodium hydroxide. Kemira sodium hydroxide is produced using the environmentally friendly (BAT) membrane technology (BAT = ‘Best Available Technology’, as defined by the European Union). Kemira has access to all grades of caustic soda required by our customers, but the main grade of imported caustic soda is membrane as 50% solution. Kemira has sodium hydroxide terminals in Finland, Denmark and Estonia from where we are able to supply our customers.
Kemira sodium hydroxide services include also logistics services where shipping, terminal, land transportation or any combination of these can be offered. This allows customers to source the product themselves and utilize the cost efficient Kemira supply chain.

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