New bio-flocculants for water utilities

When wastewater treatment plants make the switch to biobased polymers, it can be a win for the planet. But what about performance? New Superfloc® BioMB, the world’s first line of biomass balanced flocculants, offers reliable performance and clear sustainability benefits.

People around the world are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, and they expect the same from organizations, including local utilities. That’s why we’ve created Superfloc® BioMB. These flocculants are drop-in solutions that deliver the performance customers demand, and the sustainability claims communities love.

Biobased chemistry that works

“For years, researchers have been exploring biobased alternatives to traditional, fossil-based water treatment chemistries made from polyacrylamides. So far, these innovations have not performed as well compared to the polyacrylamides, and required significant changes to processes and handling,” explains David Normington, Director of Kemira’s Process Chemicals Product Line.

A positive development for the climate is that utilities need to reduce their carbon footprint now. That’s why Kemira has launched Superfloc® BioMB, a new line of game-changing, biomass balanced flocculants. Our Superfloc® BioMB products are based on chemistry that’s technically equivalent to polyacrylamide, a solution that reliably cleans wastewater around the world. Plus, they are hassle-free; wastewater utilities can implement them even without trials, new equipment or process changes.

The only difference with these flocculants is the raw material source – and, of course, the carbon reductions our customers can claim from day one.

Mass balance materials

Superfloc® BioMB mixes standard raw materials with 50% or more biobased raw materials. As a result, the overall raw material quality remains the same, as does the performance of the final product. It’s what’s known as a mass-balanced approach to biobased chemistry.

Webinar: Biobased polymers in water treatment – first experiences

Learn more about bio-mass balanced solutions and the immediate advantages in our webinar, hosted together with HSY, Helsinki Region Environmental Services.

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Superfloc® BioMB carries an International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) on the sustainability of the finished product.

A certified sustainable solution

Mass balance requires rigorous records to ensure that the volumes of outgoing biobased finished products do not exceed the amount of incoming biobased raw materials. In this way, customers can be sure their flocculants supply is meeting expectations and moving the needle on sustainability.  To that end, Superfloc® BioMB carries an International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) on the sustainability of the finished product.

ISCC is a leading certification program that provides solutions for the implementation and certification of sustainable and traceable supply chains. It covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, circular and biobased materials and renewables.

“What’s great about this certification is that it’s something municipal water utilities can include in their own sustainability reporting and communicate to their customers without taking any additional certification steps,” adds David. “When a wastewater treatment plant switches to a mass-balanced solution like Superfloc® BioMB, it immediately reduces their carbon footprint. In cases where biogas is generated, for example, it can also contribute to the customer’s circular economy position.”

To learn more about the benefits of biomass-balanced flocculants, register for our webinar “Biobased polymers in water treatment” where Helsinki’s municipal water supply and waste management services supplier, HSY join David in a discussion about switching to Superfloc® BioMB and their experience so far.

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