Odor and corrosion control – the smart way

Learn how smart technology is effective in reducing H2S through the utilization of dosing control in combination with unique chemistry.
Antiscalants sewer pipes corrosion scaling.


David A. Dalton.

David A. Dalton

Water Reclamation Manager, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department
West Palm Beach, FL, United States
Richard Waterous.

Richard Waterous

Senior Account Manager, Advanced Water Treatment, Kemira
Bartow, FL, United States
Marco Stammegna.

Marco Stammegna

Senior Specialist, Advanced Water Treatment & Digital Solutions
Cleveland, OH, United States

H2S is a nuisance odor that is naturally occurring in wastewater collection systems. Not only is it a source of complaints for a municipality but it also causes degradation of the infrastructure.

In this 35-minute webinar you’ll learn how KemConnect technology paired with iron based chemistry is an effective, reliable, and safe approach to odor and corrosion control – even under constantly changing conditions. David Dalton from Palm Beach County will also share his experience with iron based odor and corrosion control programs.

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