Smarter phosphorus treatment

Phosphorus is one of the vital building blocks for life. It is essential for example for animal feed and food production. At the same time, in wastewater it is a nuisance that needs to be removed. Pioneering solutions for both phosphorus removal and recycling is important to us, our wastewater treatment plant customers, as well as the society at large. Our latest innovation is a smart tool for real-time phosphorus optimization.

Smarter phosphorus treatment

Gained mostly from mining phosphate rock, easy supplies of phosphorus are scarce. The demand, however, continues to rise due to global population growth and impoverished agricultural soils.

In wastewater, excess amounts of phosphorus lead to eutrophication of our waterways. That’s why wastewater treatment plant operators need to ensure efficient phosphorus removal. At the same time, we are wasting this valuable resource due to insufficient nutrient recycling. As leading experts in chemical water and sludge treatment, we at Kemira actively develop solutions to tackle this two-fold challenge.

We have developed a smart digital platform for data-driven chemistry application – the Kemira KemConnect™. One of the modules we offer is designed for real-time phosphorus optimization.

Smarter phosphate removal –  KemConnect P-Optimizer

With the new KemConnect P-Optimizer, we have translated our deep application expertise in chemical phosphate removal into a unique, patented dosing algorithm. It helps wastewater treatment plant operators in dosing the exact amount of coagulants they require. The benefits are clear: compliance with regulatory limits, also with fluctuating feed rates and phosphorus loads. And with high precision, chemicals overdosing “just to be safe” becomes a thing of the past.

Many customers opt for combining their P-optimizer with the KemConnect VMI, our real-time chemical stock-monitoring solution. This combination offers even higher visibility, uninterrupted chemical supply and ease of use.

Chemical dosing optimization and process monitoring is easy with set-level notifications and alarms via email and/or SMS. Data dashboards and automatic reports help you understand your process even better. Say farewell to manual sampling and guesswork!

With high precision, chemicals overdosing ‘just to be safe’ becomes a thing of the past

Expect more from your chemical expert

Optimized chemical phosphate removal is not only a matter of dosage control. The right type of chemistry and method of dosing it at the optimal process-point in your water streams are also equally important factors. This expertise is always part of our KemConnect P-Optimizer package.

While working with Kemira means you will get the best expertise for your phosphorus removal, our ambition does not end there. We are actively working on solutions for phosphorus recovery, and joining forces with innovative partners to support the responsible utilization of scarce resources.

The right type of chemistry and method of dosing it at the optimal process-point in your water streams are also important factors

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