Primary wastewater treatment – New opportunities for sustainability

In this free webinar you will hear Kemira´s Advanced Water Treatment experts Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur and Jesper Berner discuss best-practice customer cases for intelligent and sustainable wastewater treatment, focusing on new technology for improved primary wastewater treatment performance.

Topics discussed:

What is Kemira KemConnect™ PT, and how does it help water utilities comply with tightening regulations and contribute to the United Nation´s sustainable development goal (SDG) 6 through, e.g:

  • minimizing aeration energy consumption in the biological wastewater treatment process
  • increasing biogas production through optimized primary sedimentation
  • optimizing chemical dosage 24/7 and increasing the performance of the products
  • enabling highest suspended solids feed loads


Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur

Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur

Senior Manager, Renewable Chemistry at Kemira with 20+ years of industry experience
Jesper Berner

Jesper Berner

Senior Manager, Advanced Water Treatment at Kemira with 30+ years of industry experience
Jan Wedel

Jan Wedel

Webinar host
Manager, Global Marketing Communications, Industry & Water

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Solutions for

Primary treatment

Kemira KemConnect™ PT is an automated solution to optimize the chemical pre-treatment process, enabling various downstream efficiency improvements.

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