Anionic and Nonionic Polyacrylamides

​Kemira is back integrated into the production of Acrylamide monomer – the most important raw material in high molecular weight polyacrylamide water treatment chemicals. Kemira’s nonionic and anionic polyacrylamides have excellent performance, and quality of manufacture to highest standards can be assured based on many decades of process know-how applied to these products.

Superfloc – Dry powder flocculants

Kemira produces dry powder flocculants (ADPAM) with anionic charge density ranging from 0-100% that are class leading in applications such as raw water clarification, fermentation by-product recovery, sugar juice clarification and process water recycling. Anionic high molecular weight polymers are used for flocculating negatively charged particles by interaction with suitable cationic adsorption sites e.g. Ca2+, Mg2+, Al3+, Fe2+ and Fe3+.
Nonionic polyacrylamides are very effective in mineral and textiles processing applications.

Superfloc – Emulsion flocculants

Kemira also produces an extensive range of high performance anionic inverse emulsion (AEPAM) flocculants with increasing molecular weights designed to lower the customer’s overall cost of operations. These polymers are offered in a standard range plus in extremely high molecular weight via Kemira’s proprietary emulsion hydrolysis technology.
Polymers in emulsion form have additional liquid handling benefits over DPAMs, and typically have faster make-up times, as well as additional flexibility in molecular architecture optimization.

Key features & benefits

  • Wide range of charge and molecular weight supports various liquid/solids
  • Separation in industrial processes
    Special grades to meet worldwide application regulatory requirements

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