Biodegradable chelating agents

Kemira’s Fennobio products are readily biodegradable (OECD test criteria), efficient chelating agents for chemical, mechanical and recycled fibers. They inhibit the harmful effects of transition metals such as iron, manganese and/or copper on the bleaching process. They also have a dispersing effect, which helps to control formation of deposits, e.g. calcium based oxalate and carbonate, in the pulp line.
Fennobio products are more environmentally responsible than traditional chelating agents used in these processes. Fennobio products are free from classified hazardous components, as well as being incombustible and safe to handle and use.
Every pulping and bleaching process site is unique. In some cases manganese is important to remove while iron is important in others. After laboratory tests and careful analysis of your process, Kemira will provide you with a unique solution – tailor-made to provide the most effective and cost efficient benefits for your process.​

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