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Optimize and enhance deinking and bleaching processes

Deinking and pulping additives

Kemira provides a wide selection of chemicals for enhancing and optimizing the performance of pulping processes, deinking, and bleaching operations. With our deep pulp and paper chemistry expertise, we can help you increase your pulp mill’s production quality and efficiency, and provide benefits for the downstream process and the final paper, board, and tissue products.

With FennoFlot deinking solutions, you are able to enhance the removal of ink from recovered paper and minimize or eliminate the use of other chemicals in the process. This enables the use of high levels of deinked pulp in the final product, even up to 100%.

  • efficient on all types of waste paper
  • can be tailored for a variety of processing conditions
  • excellent pulp brightness
  • minimum residual ink values and low speck counts
  • prevent ink deposition on the paper machine
  • reduce flotation losses and DIP sludge output

Kemira’s FennoBrite products are a wide range of chelating agents and bleaching enhancers that can be used in the bleaching processes of chemical, mechanical, and deinked pulp. FennoBrite is an excellent solution in closed water circulations and for zero-effluent mills (when utilizing an evaporation plant for water treatment and recovery boiler for caustic).

FennoBrite stabilizer formulations provide tailor-made solutions for optimizing peroxide performance in mechanical, chemi-mechanical, and recycled pulp bleaching as well as for stabilizing oxygen-based bleaching chemicals in chemical pulp bleaching. With FennoBrite bleaching enhancers, the use of actual bleaching chemicals like hydrogen peroxide is more effective, enabling chemical savings.

FennoBrite has many benefits compared to sodium silicate that is traditionally used as a peroxide stabilizer:

  • silicate-free polymer and non-polymer based bleaching enhancers
  • ensure efficient circulation of filtrate without scaling problems
  • reduce cationic demand in the downstream process
  • achieve energy savings in wash presses and drying sector (due to better dewatering)

FennoBrite chelating formulations provide tailor-made solutions for managing particular metals in pre-bleaching, bleaching, and post-bleaching.

FennoBio products are efficient, biodegradeable chelating agents for chemical, mechanical, and recycled fibers. They inhibit the harmful effects of transition metals such as iron, mangase, and copper in the bleaching process. FennoBio has also a dispersing effect, which helps control deposit formation in the pulp line.

  • tailor-made solution to provide the most effective solutions for your process needs
  • free from classified hazardous components
  • incombustible and safe to handle

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