Cationic Polyacrylamides

​Superfloc – Dry powder flocculants

Kemira produces a full range of cationic dry powder (CDPAM) flocculants that are particularly effective in primary clarification, sludge thickening and sludge dewatering applications in the municipal area.
These cationic flocculants are also offered in a range of molecular weights. This enables the customer to select the optimum polymer depending on application needs, such as low molecular weights for low shear applications (e.g. gravity belt thickener) to very high molecular weights for high shear environments (e.g. centrifuge decanters).

Superfloc – Emulsion flocculants

The high quality of Kemira’s cationic inverse emulsion (CEPAM) flocculants has been recognized in the water treatment industry for many years. Our proprietary emulsion breaker and carrier systems result in reduced polymer emulsion settling rates and low formation of insoluble material.

A full range of cationic charge densities are available that also have molecular weight variants by virtue of expertly controlled manufacturing processes or chemical structuring to enable our emulsion flocculant polymers to meet the customer’s demanding process requirements.

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