Chelating agents and bleaching enhancers

Kemira’s Fennobrite products are a wide range of chelating agents and bleaching enhancers used in the bleaching of different pulp types (chemical, mechanical and deinked pulp).

Chelating formulations of the Fennobrite family provide tailor-made solutions to particular metals management in pre-bleaching, bleaching and post-bleaching situations.  Formulations are also available for dealing with metals in water processing.

Stabilizer formulations of the Fennobrite family provide tailor-made solutions for optimizing peroxide performance in mechanical and recycled pulp bleaching as well as oxygen based bleaching chemicals in chemical pulp bleaching.

Sodium silicate (“waterglass”) traditionally used as a peroxide stabilizer in the peroxide bleaching of mechanical, chemi-mechanical and deinked pulp may cause deposits and runnability problems downstream, for example spots and holes in the paper. It also has a significant impact on cationic demand downstream in the process. Kemira’s answer to these problems is the Fennobrite – family of silicate-free, polymer and non-polymer based, bleaching stabilizers, which enable efficient circulation of filtrate without scaling problems.

Fennobrite is an excellent solution in closed water circulations, especially when utilizing an evaporation plant for the waste water treatment (i.e. zero-effluent mill) and recovery boiler/causticizing for the recovery of caustic. When using Fennobrite, energy savings in wash presses and in drying sections achieved due to better dewatering compared to sodium silicate. Kemira has long expertise with silicate-free peroxide stabilizers: Fennobrite has been used in high brightness BCTMP production for more than ten years.

With the use of Fennobrite bleaching enhancers, the usability of actual bleaching chemicals like peroxide is more effective, enabling chemical cost savings.

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