The safest and most versatile approach to improve your creping efficiency

When optimizing the creping process in the manufacturing of tissue and towel grades, the reality is that no single traditional product is available in the market that alone fits all situations. Kemira therefore has developed the Dial-a-Coat approach, and the corresponding product line and test methodologies, that allow optimization by “dialing-in” the desired Yankee coating chemistry on the machine.
Typically, two compatible adhesives with complimentary characteristics are selected from  Kemira’s extensive FennoCrepe adhesive product portfolio. The selected adhesives and their blends at various ratios are evaluated using sophisticated and unique laboratory test methods.  Based on the laboratory data and the machine audit, an appropriate pair of adhesives is selected for machine trials. Dial-a-Coat allows for on-machine optimization of the adhesive chemistry, resulting in improved creping process efficiency without the need for extensive iterative evaluation of multiple individual creping products.
Crepe release products are another crucial tool to control tissue properties, such as stretch and bulk. However, far less is understood about release mechanisms, particularly the impact of adhesive chemistry on release performance. Kemira R&D has studied the interaction between various adhesives and releasers and discovered that the performance of a specific release product depends on both adhesive chemistry and coating drying conditions. This systematic approach provides new insights to help you more efficiently “dial-in” the optimum crepe package.
Kemira’s FennoCrepe product line series offers a broad range of crepe adhesives, releasers and modifiers specifically designed for optimum performance for the entire spectrum of papermaking requirements from high sheet moisture wet crepe to low sheet moisture creping conditions.

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