Kemira’s flexible deinking solutions help to enhance the removal of ink from recovered paper. Kemira’s new technology NR series deinking aids can help you to reduce costs by eliminating hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda use in the pulper.  Also Kemira’s latest technology MIP deinking aids offer significantly improved ink removal performance over conventional soap and surfactant technology.

Kemira’s deinking solutions comprise a wide selection of chemicals covering the entire deinking process, including outstanding technology and technical support for deinking, bleaching, water clarification, sludge dewatering, and deposit control. Kemira is able to offer you the highest degree of deinking experience and expertise available, and we have solutions for virtually every type of process.

Kemira’s FennoFlot deinking solutions are tailored for a variety of processing conditions, waste paper grades, and quality objectives. With Kemira’s novel FennoFlot solution for your deinking process, you will be able to minimize or eliminate the use of other chemicals. FennoFlot solutions help to prevent ink deposition on the paper machine and there is no adverse effect on coefficient of friction. Our deinking aids provide excellent pulp brightness, minimum residual ink values and low speck counts and they are equally efficient for all types of waste paper used. This makes it possible to use high levels of deinked pulp, up to 100%, in the final product.

With FennoFlot yield booster DIP production may be increased 2 to 4%, by reduction of flotation losses and with no change of DIP quality (e.g. brightness). With the use of FennoFlot yield booster, DIP sludge output may be reduced 13 to 20%. FennoFlot is removed from the deinked pulp and out goes with the flotation rejects. Product efficiency depends on the recovered paper composition and on the deinking process: products are tailored, if needed, to reach the best solution.

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