FennoSize AS

FennoSize AS is a performance-driven sizing program. The FennoSize AS product line is delivered as a 100% active liquid alkenyl succinic anhydride (ASA). FennoSize AS generates sizing over a wide pH range from 5 to 9, although it is typically used for neutral and alkaline sizing (pH 7-8). FennoSize AS is applied for hydrophobation of fine paper, liner, sack paper, packaging board and gypsum board.

Because of its chemical nature ASA is very reactive with papermaking furnish components. This high rate of reactivity, coupled with the advanced Kemira ASA emulsification technique, typically leads to 90-100% immediate sizing development, thus no curing time is necessary.

FennoSize AS is suitable for sizing furnishes of virgin fiber as well as recycled pulp. Kemira’s ASA production facilities are the most advanced in the world, giving a pure product with a high ASA content. We can also provide our customers with unique and efficient emulsifying systems.

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