FennoSize S

FennoSize S surface sizing products are designed to enhance the surface properties of various paper and board grades. They reduce the need for internal sizing required to achieve a desired overall sizing level, thus resulting in a cleaner wet end and improved machine runnability. The FennoSize S product line includes anionic, amphoteric and cationic dispersions.

FennoSize S products are compatible with most conventional surface application techniques and can be applied at the size press together with a starch solution. FennoSize S products will not increase the viscosity of the size press solution and are compatible with a wide range of other size press additives, including fluorescent whitening agents, dyes, most pigment dispersions, and non-ionic or anionic auxiliary chemicals. FennoSize S products are effective over a wide pH range and are fully cured on-machine, provided that modest heat is applied to the treated paper during drying.

Properties and application information is available on individual product data sheets

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