FennoTech defoamers

Today’s fast running paper machines and washers are very sensitive even to small foam-related problems. The closure of water systems and the use of new additives enhance the foam generating potential in pulp and papermaking systems. Foam causes detrimental operational and quality issues by decreasing production and final paper quality, increasing bleaching chemical usage, and reducing recovery efficiency. It also can cause environmental claims and safety concerns from slips and falls.

Kemira’s line of FennoTech defoamers and de-aerators is fully designed to meet the needs of our many varied customers in the pulp and paper industry. From our industry leading silicone defoamers with patented drainage technology for kraft mills, to unique products for paper machines, sizing, coatings and environmental systems, the FennoTech product portfolio is always kept at the forefront of the latest research.

Combining the best designed products with a full understanding of mill process requirements and superior application knowledge brings a cost effective strategy for mill improvement to our customers.

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