Functional promoters

Kemira has developed an effective functional promoter Fennopol FP and Fennobond product line series that can offer a wide range of benefits in the manufacturing of bath tissue and towel. Low-basis weight bath tissue grades, particularly those grades utilizing recycled furnish, may not efficiently fix the fillers, fines and functional chemicals in the sheet structure. This results in a higher build-up of the filler, fines and chemicals that become non-functional process contaminants. This can lead to slower machine speeds, poorer operating-performance efficiency and greater chemical treatment cost.
The use of conventional retention- and drainage-aids technology has been unsuccessful in the past for bath tissue grades. They can cause a myriad of problems such as lower tensile strength, lower sheet brightness and lower basis weight. An effective functional promoter can promote the fixation and retention of the functional chemicals with the sheet and improve their performance efficiency without generating negative process effects.
Fennopol FP product line series is uniquely designed for the tissue and towel market to provide combined benefits to both sheet properties and process operating efficiency.

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