Surface treatment for superior high speed inkjet printability

Inkjet printing is a non-contact printing method where printing ink is sprayed through a nozzle on printing substrate. Printing inks are fluid, low viscous liquids with relatively low concentration of colorant. These type of inks combined with high production speeds and high quality demands require special needs for printing substrate surface treatment. There has been lack of cost-efficient, high performance printing paper on the market, and also quality demand for packaging printing is very high due to brand owners’ demands and in most cases very high ink coverage of print work. Kemira’s response to this challenge is Kemira KemPrint, a surface additive delivering excellent image sharpness, high densities, wide gamut values and best-in-class ink setting speed.
KemPrint is used for surface treatment of high speed inkjet substrates. It gives full performance already with low coat weights and it is easy to apply in any conventional paper and board coating or treatment method, e.g. Metering Size Press (MSP). KemPrint functionality is based on innovative, patented (pend.) chemistry. It creates an ink receiving layer on the paper or board surface leading to fast ink immobilization, ink carrier separation and colorant fixation on the surface of treatment layer. These phenomena will lead to smearing-free printing result with high densities and wide color gamut. In addition, controlled ink absorption is a valuable tool to reduce print-through and to reduce ink mileage.
KemPrint also secures high efficiency in production line. Optimized surface charge helps to reduce charge variations in wet end caused by broke. In addition, optimized charge gives better compatibility with other surface treatment components, e.g. binders and pigments, leaving more options to further develop coating concepts suitable for your customers’ requirements.

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