Resin amine and PolyDCD

Kemira offers melamine formaldehyde polymer resin (Resin amine) and polydicyandiamide polymer resin (PolyDCD) that are highly effective in specific industrial processes such as color removal, paint detackification and treatment of paint or oily waste water.

PolyDCD – Superfloc® C-502

Superfloc C-502, Kemira’s PolyDCD, is a low molecular weight cationic polymer supplied in an aqueous solution. It is specially designed for removal of colors and COD in industrial and municipal waste water applications.

Resin Amine – Superfloc® C-508LF

Superfloc C-508LF, Kemira’s resin amine is a high-purity polymer coagulant, having very low residual formaldehyde levels, making it ideal for the processing of industrial sludge. It’s also perfectly suited as a paint detackifier and for treatment of oil refining waste.

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